How To Use HB Ring

30 / June / 2017
How to use HB Ring

Brief description on how to use HB Ring..

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1. Download Feel app and create a profile

Download Feel app using one of the links below:

*You can use full functionality of HB Ring without a need to have a Premium Subscription in Feel app.


2. Pair HB Ring to Feel app

– Insert and remove your HB Ring into charger and double tap it twice. The ring will blink quickly during each double tapping. (Charger box must be connected to power).

– Tap connect in Feel app.

– Confirm the pairing in pop up.

3. Upload heartbeat to HB Ring

Choose one of your contacts or saved profiles in Feel app, and their latest heartbeat will always be updated to HB Ring or upload your own heartbeat to HB Ring

*If you do not have any contacts or saved profiles, you can add them by going right screen in the app.
**Latest heartbeat will be updated to HB Ring anytime HB Ring is connected to Feel app.