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30 / June / 2017
How to use HB Ring

Brief description on how to use HB Ring..

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1. Use Single HB Ring
2. Use Pair Of HB Rings
3. Find Your HB Ring Size
How To Use TheTouch Locket

Learn how to connect your TheTouch Locket to Feel application and record and upload a heartbeat.
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How To Use HB Ring

Connect your HB Ring to Feel application to upload and save heartbeat in it.
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How To Use HB Rings

With pair of HB Rings you can
1. See and feel real time heartbeat of your loved ones on your ring
2. Save the last received heartbeat in your ring
3. Have your ring surprise you with your loved ones heartbeat during the day.

Download HB Ring app to use HB Rings as pair.

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How To Find Your HB Ring Size

Use our conversion chart to compare ring sizes in different measurement standards.

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How To Troubleshoot

See all the know possible issues you may encounter in the process of setting up or using our products.

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