Our Mission

We want to bring you closer to your loved ones and let you feel the most precious feeling – the heartbeat of your loved one, no matter where you are. To help you creates a deep emotional bond and comforting feeling in the moments when you are not near each other.

A Unique Alternative to Traditional Rings

Our products are a unique alternative to classic wedding or engagement rings, or pendants. They can be touching gift to someone who is often away from home, such as military suppose or your partner in long distance relationship.

Both HB Rings and Lockets are perfect and touching anniversary gift or a push present. They are also meant as a holder of precious memory for loved ones who are not with us anymore, to be a cherished reminder of them.

With a heartbeat of your loved one in them, they will always be the most precious jewelry ever made.

Inspired by Tradition, Powered by Technology

Inspired by the Vena amoris, the our products continue this ancient legacy with modern technology, revolutionizing the history of jewelry. Made from precious and durable materials, and fully repairable, they are designed to last you a lifetime and be passed through generations.

Years of Research and Expert Craftsmanship

We have behind us over 10 years of research and development, involving top manufacturers from the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, and Japan. Custom-designed manufacturing cycles and machinery are essential part of making our intricate products. Many of our components are developed in collaboration with Swiss high-end watchmakers, while unique polymer composite solutions are created with Japanese and German industry leaders.

The Details

Our products are one of the most sophisticated jewelry in the world. They often features a large lighting stripes, haptic feedback, wireless charging, and a highly accurate heartbeat sensors, protected by sapphire glass. The custom-developed lighting stripes are designed to visually represents a heartbeat in a vein, a unique feature not seen in wearables of similar size. Our wearables come with a exquisite wireless chargers, which makes the charging effortless and prolongs the longevity of the product.

The Future

We are focused on evolving our products to find new ways to bring you closer to your loved ones, no matter where you are. Follow us on our social media to stay up to date on our mission.