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Here you will find our press-kit and media-kit for HB Ring and Feel app.


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Press Release

Press Release

Feel the heartbeat of your loved ones wherever you are, directly on your phone!

From feedback we received from HB Ring users, we learned that experiencing the heartbeat of a loved one in your hands is important not just to us, but to millions of people and can get even less sentimental people to goosebumps or happy tears.

In current challenging times all over the world, where many are separated and many lives depended on surviving COVID virus, having a possibility to feel the heartbeats of loved one in your hands, is relevant as never before.

“We wish we had launched Feel app a year earlier, so millions of people could feel and save the heartbeat of their loved ones, especially the ones who are not with them anymore.”
- TheTouch team.

Knowing this and taking into account recent developments in the world, we decided to create a tool that allows everyone to feel the heartbeat of their loved ones wherever they are.

With Feel app you can send, receive and save heartbeats of your loved ones and pets, right on your phone. Users have options to set the length of the heartbeats to 7, 15, 30 or 60 seconds.

Feel app uses phone’s camera and flashlight to read the heartbeat from the user’s finger. This is done by the camera detecting the blood flow in the finger and calculating the heartbeat.

As a caution, it is important to notice that some Android phones have very powerful flashlight, which can quickly heat up and burn the skin. Users of such phones should put their finger covering only small part of the flashlight.

Additionally, Feel app lets you to save the heartbeat of those, who do not use smartphones, e.g. young children and elderly people, as a unique memory of them to keep forever. 

"Save heartbeat" function also allows users to save the heartbeat of their pets, which is yet even more special, to know that you can keep forever a unique type of memory of your loved pet. Challenge here is to find a spot on your pet where it has little or no fur, in order for phone to be able to read the heartbeat. 

It is clear that exchanging and saving heartbeat is a growing interest for many, and we are looking forward to support the trend by introducing further new functions to the application. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at feel@thetouchx.com

New Type of Memory

Each Era has its special kind of memory to keep. Now, we add a new dimension. Save the most precious thing – Heartbeat of your loved ones!

The Story

Feel App – Send & Save Heartbeat

Whatever You Do, Stop, Take Your Phone And Send a Heartbeat To Your Loved Ones!

Will it be Kelly Clarkson, Childish Gambino or Enrique Iglesias with “I Can Feel Your Heartbeat”, the word “heartbeat” is something you hear almost in every love song. There are over 2773 inspirational quotes with the word “heartbeat” and even if you are not a doctor, you are still likely using it in your daily speech. Yet, when was the last time you felt the heartbeat of your loved one? Unless you are sleeping with them in one bed and have your ear on their chest, probably never.

If you live close to your mom, your dad or your partner, you should totally go and scare them with the phrase “Let me feel your heartbeat”, but if you can’t do that or if you wanna be more cheeky, you should surprise them by sending them your heartbeat directly from your phone, and expect one back. For that, all you will need is a smartphone and “Feel” app.

To add to the excitement, you can choose one of the special heart designs, such as gold, diamond or “expecting” to send with your heartbeat. And your family better be excited, since it is one of the most intimate things you can send them, of course, other than an accidental nude 🤭

The idea of cherishing the heartbeat of a partner and family members is important in every culture, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. Some like to keep a paper print-out of loved ones' heartbeat that they get from hospital, some tattoo the heartbeat on them, but most of all the heartbeat is deeply set in lyrics and verbal expressions of every culture.

Feeling loved one’s heartbeat in your phone is certainly not going to replace seeing and hugging them, but taking into account how many of us are now distanced from each other, and the lack of social interactions that everyone gets, a small heartbeat can go a long way to cheer up a loving heart.