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Press Release


Introducing TheTouch Locket

Feel your loved ones heartbeat with just a tap, no matter where you are.

Today we are introducing the TheTouch Locket, the next step in evolution of the belief that there is nothing more precious than the heartbeat of a loved one. TheTouch Locket lets you see and feel, as well as save forever the heartbeat of your partner, family member, or even your pet.

TheTouch Locket is great for people in dangerous professions such as Military, EMS, Police and etc., as well for anyone for whom their loved one's heartbeat is very special. The Locket has a physical feedback motor which allows you to feel the heartbeat, as well as a LED indicator in the shape of an imperfect heart, on which you can see the heartbeat. 

You can record your own heartbeat and upload it into TheTouch Locket, and gift it to your loved one. Or you can send your heartbeat, which then they can upload to their Locket. 

The heartbeat is recorded using a smartphone and Feel application. To record a heartbeat, place a finger on the phone's camera and slightly cover the flashlight. The Feel application's algorithm will record the heartbeat from the blood flow in the finger, after which the heartbeat can be uploaded to the TheTouch Locket. Everytime the heartbeat is uploaded into the Locket, it’s saved in it forever. The heartbeat won’t be lost if the battery runs out, and in case the Locket is lost, the heartbeat can be restored from the cloud. 

TheTouch Locket and the Feel application do not collect or share user location, or other sensitive data. The heartbeat bpm value is also not shown by default when you send or save it. However, you can manually activate an option to display the  bpm value before you send or save a heartbeat. 

To make sure TheTouch Locket is timeless smart jewelry, it features a replaceable battery. This means that, with a battery change after about 6 years, it can serve you throughout life, and even be passed through generations.

TheTouch Lockets come in 3 versions, stainless steel with crystal glass which start at $199.00, and available in SkySilver or JetBlack colors. 14K Gold Plated locket with crystal glass, starting at $239 and 18K Solid Gold with sapphire crystal, starting at $1,290.00.

First Edition TheTouch Lockets Limited to 100 piece will be available to order from February 1st, 2023 on our website

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