Service & Troubleshoot

Here you will find detailed information how to service and troubleshoot your TheTouch Locket and HB Ring.
TheTouch Locket


Issue: Can't pair TheTouch Locket with my phone.
Check active permissions by going to Settings>Apps>See All Apps>Feel> Add additional permissions for Precision Location and Near by Devices.

*Feel app does not collect or use your location, however, for some phones, Bluetooth connection requires to also have active location services for Feel application. This is mainly affecting phones with latest Android OS.


Battery Replacement: Twist the glass on your TheTouch Locket counter clockwise to open it. Remove the electronics, by pulling it out of the Locket. Replace the battery with new CR1632 battery and insert the electronics back to the Locket. Close the glass and turn clockwise to close it.

*if you are experiencing fingers slipping on the glass, then trying to open or close it, you can use rubber/silicon gloves, to avoid the slipping.
HB Ring


Issue: Can't pair HB Ring with my phone.
After removing the ring from charger box make sure to double tap the ring twice, instead of once.

After first time connecting/paring your HB Ring with Android application, HB Ring might not be fully connected to your phone and may not respond to double tapping on HB Ring in the application, send or receive heartbeat.
Solution: Application must be closed and reopened.

Issue: HB Ring can not read the heartbeat or heartbeat speed changes actively.
Solution: Make sure the heartbeat sensors are on the lover part of your finger. Active hand movement can also affect the accurate reading of heartbeat.
If you encounter any issue with your TheTouch Locket or HB Ring, please report to us at