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30 / June / 2017
How to use HB Ring

Brief description on how to use HB Ring..

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HB Ring - Americana

HB Ring - Americana is a Limited Edition HB Ring which comes with Americana Piano Black charger box and is available for Rose Gold, Jet Black, as well as 18K Solid Gold HB Rings.

The Americana Final Edition is limited to 50 rings.

Legacy Behind HB Rings 

HB Rings is continuation of the legacy of Vena Amoris, stating that the vein in 4th finger of left hand is directly connected to the heart, thus when wearing a ring on the 4th finger it connect you to the heart of the wearer. 

There are over 1 billion people following this belief and HB Rings are allowing to connect the hearts literally.

Design Philosophy

HB Ring was designed to be a new milestone in wedding ring’s history, while honoring the legacy of classic wedding bands, with it’s design and materials. 

The form is following function, by creating the space for all the necessary technology inside, by essentially splitting classic wedding band in half.

The main materials of HB Ring are 18K gold, stainless steel and sapphire. 

18K Solid Gold Housing

It was impossible to open a new page in ring history, without making HB Rings out of solid gold. 18K gold was chosen, since it was the most widely used material for wedding bands through last centuries. 

With wide inner sections of HB Rings with less than 1mm thickness, as well as 0.2mm thin inner edges on the caps, the 18K gold needed to be compressed, to give it additional strength before machining.

The Stainless Steel Housing

Stainless steel was the best alternative to 18K gold housing, since it allowed us to add highly resilient PVD coating on it, in Rose Gold and Jet Black colors.

PVD coatings on stainless steel are extremely durable and scratch resistant through many years of use. 

The Sapphire Housing

As the 2nd hardest material on Earth, sapphire housing makes sure the ring is ultimately scratch resistant on its largest contact points. Additionally it serves as a window for the antenna and wireless charging. Sapphire is challenging to machine, especially in cylindrical form, as most sapphires in industry come flat.

It takes over 8 hours to machine one cylindrical sapphire housing for HB Ring. Further, special machine had to be built in order to coat the cylindrical sapphires from inside, since we found that no one before us needed such operation.

1st Gen. vs 2nd Gen. HB Ring

1st generation HB Rings were launched in 2016 and were replaced by 2nd generation in 2018.

Compared to 1st Gen., the 2nd Gen. HB Rings come with wireless charging, updated electronics with physical heartbeat modulation, as well as updated sapphire and stinless steel housing.

All current HB Ring offered are 2nd gen. HB Rings.

The Lighting Stripe

We could not simply put a single dot or small line to represent the heartbeat, and a all around uniform lighting was the only design that we considered acceptable for HB Ring.

We had extremely little space to uniformly disperse the light into a thin stripe. It took hundreds of polymers and design pattern to find the right combination which can work in high curvature, while retaining the fine surface properties required to reflect the light uniformly in few millimeters of space. 

The Vibration Motor

HB Rings without physical feedback would loose big part of their meaning. We worked with the leading linear motor manufacturer to miniaturize the vibration motor, nevertheless we still were required to create a special deepening inside the ring to accommodate it. 

This meant that both 18K gold and stainless steel housings needed to be bent in complex shape while retaining a circular edge for the caps. Over 32 special molds were invoiced to shape all the 8 HB Ring sizes.

The Sensor Glasses

Most wearable devices, with exception of Apple watch come with plastic glass over heart sensors. We went out of our way, to make sure the HB Ring’s heartbeat sensors are covered with crystal glass, embedded in stainless steel frame, which is then attached to the main housing. 

This makes sure to only the ring looks special from inside, but also that there are no plastic parts touching users finger, and can result in early wear or damage. 

Replaceable Battery

Because HB Ring can become important part of its owner’s life and even a heirloom, we made sure the HB Rings are serviceable. When the day comes (typically after 8-15 years) you can send the ring to us for a battery replacement, and keep the loved ones heart beating in your HB Ring.

The Wireless Charger Box

HB Ring’s, with all its sophistication, required a special charger box.
A wireless, high gloss box with soft inner padding, was the only acceptable charger to put your HB Ring into.

The wireless charger is unidirectional, so it does not mater what position you put your HB Ring in it. The special high-end inner soft padding of the crater is meant to protect the ring from any scratches, as well as give pleasant feel on a touch of finger.

Charger Box Piano Black Finish

All Piano Black charger boxes are hand lacquered and polished. It takes 6 separate layers of paint and polishing to achieve the exquisite mirror finish.