Made To Last

Your heartbeat will be kept in a special place. Learn all about the materials used in making TheTouch Locket.


Complete Warranty

TheTouch Locket is covered with complete 2 year warranty, which covers which covers faults e.g. general malfunctions or manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover wear, accidental damage, loss or theft of the Locket. For more details, please see our Terms & Conditions.


Warranty On Electronics

This covers electronics malfunctions or defects during first 7 years. It does not cover physical or water damage to the electronics.


Warranty On Coating

TheTouch Lockets are covered with 10 year warranty on PVD coatings. Warranty covers coating defects or tearing, while it does not cover scratches and slight color change through years of use.

Use With
Battery Replacements

TheTouch Lockets are fully serviceable and are designed to last a lifetime and be passed through generations. This assumes taking good care of them with battery replacements, and servicing if reqired.