How To Use TheTouch Locket?

30 / June / 2017
How to use HB Ring

Brief description on how to use HB Ring..

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1. Connect

Use the links below to download Feel application from Apple App Store or Google Play. Log in or create a new profile.

Feel App

Follow on screen instructions, to connect TheTouch Locket with your phone.

1. Double tap TheTouch Locket 1x to see it blinking red,
2ontinue double tapping 3x more times, until Imperfect Heart tart flashing green, pairing mode is active for 20 sec.
3. Tap PAIR button, and confirm pairing.

* You only need to pair once. Afterwards, to update a heartbeat in TheTouch Locket, just double tap it once, to see previously uploaded heartbeat. During whole duration of it, you can upload a new heartbeat to TheTouch Locket.

**If you are having any issue with pairing or connecting, please check our Troubleshooting page.

2. Record

To record your heartbeat tap on the heart in home screen and place your finger on the camera, slightly covering the flashlight. After recording is completed, save it or choose one of the contacts you want to send to.

-If you do not have any contacts or saved profiles, you can add one by going right screen in the application.
-To upload your own heartbeat, you can either send it to any of your contacts, or save it in "Saved profiles".

3. Feel

Double tap the locket to see and feel the heartbeat. The locket does not need to be connected to Feel application. The heartbeat is saved locally on TheTouch Locket.

*You can use full functionality of TheTouch Locket without need to have a Premium Subscription in Feel application.